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Laguna Beach deck waterproofing

Horizontal surfaces that are exposed to the weather can be hard to waterproof, because the low slope can create areas of standing water. Freeze and thaw cycles in colder climates can create additional problems. Not to mention, the continuous amount of foot traffic that it must endure. Fortunately, there are products that can seal everything from pool decks to high-rise balconies. Whether it’s a small patio or a large rooftop deck, the goal is the same. You want to direct the water flow away from the deck while keeping the surface dry.

Laguna Beach, CA

Located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, Laguna Beach is one of the gems of Orange County. The city’s topography is unique to other coastal cities in the State of California. It has seven miles of coves and beaches where visitors can explore all kinds of sea caves, tide pools, and oceanside bluffs. Not to mention, all the sandy beaches for enjoying a variety of outdoor activities.

Laguna beach also has more than 20,000 beautiful acres of protected wildlife, which makes it an ideal place for outdoor exploring. There are mountain biking trails for all skill levels, and there are hundreds of miles for hiking. There are also dramatic vistas, verdant hills, as well as a variety of marine sanctuaries. There’s no limit to what you can discover when you’re at Laguna Beach.

With an estimated six million people visiting this community every year, tourism is the primary industry in Laguna Beach. Aside from all the outdoor activities in which you can participate, there are several large events that are held every year. Some of them include:

  • Pageant of the Masters.
  • Festival of Arts.
  • Sawdust Art Festival.
  • Art-A-Fair.
  • Bluewater Music Festival.
  • Kelpfest.

Many creative, bohemian, and wealthy individuals have made Laguna Beach their home, which has given this small town a sense of culture. It was also the epicenter of the “alternative” hippie culture in Southern California in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Not to mention, all the beaches, bluffs, and canyons that have been sources of inspiration for a number of painters and landscape photographers.

The natural beauty of Laguna Beach and mild climate of Southern California make it an ideal place for outdoor activities and outdoor entertaining. If you have a deck or balcony in your home or property, you want to make sure it can withstand the elements.

If you’re looking for one of the best places for deck waterproofing near Laguna Beach, CA, be sure to get in touch with the Fiber-Coat Deck Co.


Our coating process is an extremely tough, metal lath reinforced fiberglass deck coating system that is designed to be used over new and previously coated plywood and concrete walking deck surfaces. It provides a durable, waterproof deck surface that is resistant to UV degradation and freeze-thaw cycling, while providing a Class-A and one hour fire resistive assembly. Best of all, the system has been formulated to be the one of the fastest systems of it’s type on the market, with typical installations being completed in 1-2 days; fast installation keeps labor costs down, customers happy, and construction schedules on track.

deck waterproofing process

Our three-step deck coating system is designed to be used over virtually any walking surface. It can be in­stalled over new areas such as con­crete as well as previously coated plywood. We can also apply a coating over other deck coatings such as Magnesite, Diato, Elasto­meric, Epoxy Stone, tiled decks, etc. The composi­tion is a high quality water-based acrylic which allows it to dry fast and be walked on in between coats. This coating system has been applied to deck and stair sur­faces since the early 1980’s. Our process is built using Fiberglass and High quality Acrylic Resins to pro­vide a waterproof walking deck sur­face that will withstand the tests of time. You will be impressed with its longevity and good pricing.

If you’re looking for one of the best places for deck waterproofing near Laguna Beach, CA, be sure to get in touch with the Fiber-Coat Deck Co.

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