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8 Important Considerations Before Installing an Epoxy Flooring System

Concrete floors that are coated with epoxy are extremely durable, which makes it an ideal solution for industrial settings. They’re resistant to damage from chemicals. They can also be color coated for maximum flexibility and efficiency. They can even be modified to fit the activity in the room. Epoxy flooring is a popular solution for large-scale commercial and industrial facilities, and it has a number of benefits. It’s durable, slip-resistant, and can have an attractive finish. But if you’re a property manager who needs to oversee large-scale epoxy flooring projects, you need to understand some of the important considerations when it comes to this type of flooring.

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Here are some important things you need to consider before you install an epoxy flooring system.

#1: Color Coating

Epoxy flooring can be color coated to designate specific purposes for each area of the floor. By creating “work zones,” you can control the flow of traffic in the area. This can reduce the number of work-related accidents and incidents, which can improve your company’s safety record. You can use color coatings to keep workers away from high-risk areas. You can even use it to create a continuous pathway through the building, so visitors and clients don’t get lost.

#2: Chemical Resistance

Depending on the types of chemicals your company uses, your facility may need to have some extra protection. Epoxy flooring can be customized in a way that makes it more resistant to damage from spills and the regular use of harsh chemicals, which can prevent structural damage that can occur over time.

#3: Reflectiveness

Because of its reflective quality, epoxy flooring can improve visibility without the need for additional lighting. Not only can it make doing intricate jobs easier, but it can also make the area safer for workers. Because you will be reducing your dependence on overhead lighting, you can save money on your electricity bills.

#4: Flexibility of Purpose

Epoxy flooring can be customized to fit the needs of the people using the area. Automotive rooms need to have decorative finishing touches that can make the floors look beautiful — all while giving it the durability it needs to withstand the constant pressure of heavy automobiles. If the epoxy is being installed in an industrial kitchen and bathroom, it may need to be resistant to moisture and chemicals to protect the structure of the building and the concrete underneath.

#5: Activity of the Area

Ask yourself what you’ll be using the area for. Will you be driving forklifts or steel wheel carts in the area? How cold will the area been while it’s in use and while it’s not in use? You may need an epoxy flooring solution that will give you some slip resistance. A number of factors can play an important role in the type of epoxy flooring you need for the area. Some of them include the following:

  • Room temperature.
  • Operational temperature.
  • Traffic.
  • Exposure to chemicals.

Thinking about these things will help you to find the right product, thickness, and application method to fit your unique environment.

#6: Condition of the Concrete

Before you can install epoxy flooring in a specific area, you need to understand the amount of corrosion that exists in that space. Smooth concrete has no visible aggregates, but you may see some small cracks. Aggregates can be small (where some rock is exposed) or large (where large amounts of rock are exposed). Areas with cracks and small or large aggregates must be prefilled before the epoxy coating can be applied. It may take some extra time and materials, but proper preparation will make sure the coating has a longer life.

#7: When the Area is Available for Downtime

To install epoxy flooring, you’ll need to take the time to prepare the surface and apply the coating. It will also need some time to cure once it has been applied. Plan the installation for when the coating can have the longest time to cure, because it will be more resilient. Talk to the installer to figure out what time is best for you. Coatings can be installed during the week if you can shut down the space during that time. You can also have it installed during planned shutdowns, weekends, or holidays.

#8: The Floor’s Drainage System

If you plan to install epoxy flooring, now is the time to take care of any puddling issues or to install a new drain. A good installer will be able to pitch or build up your floor to make sure it stays completely dry, so be sure to mark out any of these areas.

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