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7 Ways That Deck Waterproofing Can Protect Your Property

Waterproofing is an important part of deck maintenance. If you put a little extra effort early on, you can save both time and money over the long term. Deck waterproofing can keep it from warping or forming dry rot, which will save you from making costly repairs later on. Water damage can be expensive to repair. In fact, most property owners will spend thousands of dollars to fix water damage. If you don’t take some steps before the next storm hits, you may find yourself struggling to pay for the cost of fixing a major problem.

Here are some of the reasons that deck waterproofing can protect your property.

water proof fiber coat

#1: It Can Extend the Life of Joists and Beams

Moisture can get trapped between joists and beams inside the deck, which can lead to structural problems. This type of issue can lead to decay and rot, because prolonged exposure to water and leaves that get stuck inside the decking can make the problem worse. If your deck’s structural integrity has been compromised, the risk of injury or even death will increase. You can keep your deck structure from getting water damage by hiring a professional to flash the joints and beams. Sealing the deck screws will create a barrier between materials, which will protect it from water damage.

#2: It Can Improve Durability

Waterproofing your deck will improve its durability, which can increase its lifespan and reduce the need for more frequent maintenance. If your deck is more durable, it will be safer for everyone who uses it. Deck waterproofing is a smart way to make your deck last longer. Not only will it make your property safer, but it will also save you from making expensive repairs later on.

#3: It Can Provide Protection from Weather

Once a storm comes in, your deck is more likely to get damaged. Wood boards that are splintered, cracked, warped, soft, and spongy can be a structural risk. Without waterproofing, your deck is more likely to experience wood rot. If you think you can make it through the sunny weather without investing in deck waterproofing, you should know that there are risks involved in waiting. The longer you put it off, the greater your chances are of getting mold and mildew. Not to mention, all the UV rays that can damage your property as well.

#4: It Can Improve Your Property’s Aesthetic

Building your deck to make it waterproof is more critical than any other part of your property, especially if you want to improve its aesthetic. A rotting and damaged deck can make your property look cheap and unsafe. It doesn’t look pleasing to the eye, and it shows a clear risk of excessive use. You didn’t build a deck on your property so you can let it go to waste, and you don’t have to. Deck waterproofing is a great way to make your property safer and more aesthetically pleasing, which can save you money in the long run.

#5: It Can Reduce the Need for Repair and Maintenance

Once a professional comes out to waterproof your deck, you will only need to perform a quick sweep and some cleaning a few times a year. Otherwise, you may be forced to maintain your deck before and after every storm. The coating used in deck waterproofing will make it look nice without a lot of effort on your part. So instead of performing annual maintenance, you can shift your focus on other areas of your property.

#6: It Can Limit the Number of Leaks

Waterproofing will limit the number of leaks that will show up on your deck. A professional will know how to install the deck in a way that will minimize its exposure to water, which will prevent leaks that can cause mold and rot to form between materials. Deck waterproofing will do more than just prevent leaks. It will also protect your property from water damage.

#7: It Can Reduce the Chance for Slips and Falls

Your deck can get slippery when it’s wet, which will increase the risk of slips and falls. Injuries caused by deck-related structural issues are more common than you think. The U.S. Product Safety Commission (CPSC) showed that there were approximately 4,600 ER visits related to decks collapsing from 2001 to 2016. You can reduce the risk of injury and death from these issues by waterproofing your deck. If you don’t act quickly enough and someone gets hurt, you could be held liable. So, save yourself the stress of a lawsuit and hospital bills by investing in deck waterproofing.

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